T has been promoted to class 10! Yipee!
This calls for coconut chutney, yeah you read right, as a reward, she gets to do what she loves to do the most, munch on the coconut pieces as I chop them for making the chutney. The older one too loves coconut chutney, but then again, she tells me, she loves just about anything I make and just for that, she gets an extra share, of whatever I make.
Coconut chutney is a very popular side dish for most South Indian tiffen dishes.This is my quick and easy-to-do version.

Finger licking yum

Prep time: 10 min; Cooking time: 5 min; Serves: 4

Ingredients ( organic | unrefined) :

Grated coconut / Diced coconut – 4 tbsp or 1/2 a shell
● Green chilly – 1
● Fried gram dal or Chutney dal – 3 tsp
● Water – 5 tbsp or as required
● Gingelly oil / Sesame oil – 1 tsp
● Mustard seeds – 1 tsp
● Udad dal – 1 tsp
● Red chilly  –  1
● Curry leaves – a few leaves
● Salt – to taste


1. Grate the coconut or dice the coconut into fine pieces. Grating the coconut will give the chutney a pure white colour.
2. Grind the grated coconut, green chilly, chutney dal and salt in a blender adding  water in installments to get the desired chutney consistency.
3. Heat the oil then throw in the mustard seeds, udad dal, red chilly and curry leaves. Temper the coconut chutney with this tempering and lick the pure creamy white dip!


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