Many moons ago, I had fun doing these free hand fabric paintings. Another one of my interests, showcased here – my very own space on the Whole World Wide Web.

I started off by painting my children’s T-shirts and my husband, was feeling left out. He then chose these boisterous designs and wondered if they could be painted and I accepted the challenge.He was extremely thrilled by the end results and found them amazing.
But as days, weeks even months passed by, strangely, he never seemed to wear them. What seriously?! and I thought he really liked them. Curiosity got the better of me and I probed him with all my ‘Why’s???’.
“Maa, I am afraid that they may get stained or dirty. I have them neatly ironed and safely stored to wear them for a special occasion!” he replied.

Awww he is totally off the hook!

My Best One
Born to ride. Forced to work. Yup he’s got one too!
Another of his favorites



His favourite one

7 thoughts on “♤ T-SHIRT FABRIC PAINTING ART ♤”

  1. simply superb. totally impressed and the first thing i did just now…is to dig into the cupboard to do some painting…AH! but i need u to help me….so come over and teach me 😉 there should be 1 best one…..but for me all are ………………in the same category. give me more 😉

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