Diwali Special 


Prep time : 15 mins; Cooking time : 30 mins; Serves : 4 - 6

Ingredients :

500 gms or 4 cups of Bengal gram flour | Besan
1 1/2 cups of Rice flour
1 1/2  tbsp of Ghee
Oil for frying

Grind to a smooth paste :

3 tsp Omam | Ajwain | Carom seeds
3 - 5 red chilies (optional)
powdered rock salt as per taste
Out of the frying pan and into the belly fire!
Method :

1. Soak omam and red chilies in water for 15 mins and then grind to a smooth paste with salt. Strain it through a thin mesh strainer. 
2. Mix the seived Bengal gram flour + rice flour + ghee + Omam and red chilies clear extract+ enough water to knead it into a dough.
3. Heat the oil in a broad based wok | bandli. Fill the Omapodi press, with some of the kneaded dough and squeeze directly into the hot oil in a circular motion. Turn over gently and cook till golden brown. Drain excess oil using a perforated ladle and remove out the Omapodi.
4. When it reaches the room temperature, store it in a dry air - tight container.


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